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Frames Direct Ltd has been supplying quality windows and doors for over 30 years in the Irish market. Initially in aluminium and moving into uPVC as the market demands changed.

Based in a modern spacious plant in Buncrana Co Donegal Frames direct has a history of continuous product improvement and constant innovation coupled with investment in the most modern and up to date plant and machinery.

A highly skilled  and experienced workforce who are trained and indoctrinated with 'quality' all along the supply chain to delivering  highest  class quality windows and doors available on the Irish market. Our 'unique selling point' is the quality and value of our finished products

The company has a solid history of growth in the Irish market and in todays difficult climate is one of the few companies in our industry sector with growth in both volume sales and employee numbers coupled with investment to achieve sustainable managed expansion throughout Ireland

Registered with the 'BRFC' which is an energy rating system for achieving an 'A' rating on our glazed windows (the same system for rating household appliances). Frames Direct supply windows that are energy efficient and eco friendly

Frames Direct Ltd offers to trade buyer:

Our Product Range

Whether you are the proud owner of a period house or a modern apartment, we can provide a window style to enhance the character of your home.

But it is not just the look that is important. Windows have long been a significant source of heat loss in the home.

Our window system combined with the right double or triple glazed unit can achieve an A rating making our windows extremely energy efficient. Energy efficient windows not only improve the comfort of your home but also saves you money.

Our doors offer you a versatile choice for your home providing you the opportunity to mix and match colours and designs depending on your own individual requirements.

Our doors can be combined with one of many styles of panels or glass available to create a look that will coordinate beautifully with the rest of your home.

Also, two of our residential doors can be combined to make an elegant set of French doors for your home.

By adding a conservatory to your house, you are bringing a whole new dimension to living.

It gives you an additional room to use as you choose, a playroom, dining room, entertaining room or just your own retreat.

Your new conservatory will give you

More Light
More Space
Value to Your Home